James Son of James

Undoubtedly the most sophisticated piece of storytelling Fabulous Beast has yet embarked upon… less visceral, less instinctive than its two predecessors. But, taken as a whole, the Midlands Trilogy looks like a substantial achievement, melding various aspects of dance, theatre and music in an entirely convincing and satisfying way.

Sarah Crompton, The Daily Telegraph Full Text

Magnificent… a raucous tragicomedy told through dance, physical theatre, slapstick and song… dance theatre at its very best.

Lucy White, Metro ★★★★★ Full Text

It is not just that the dialogue and choreography ultimately fail to do the work required, but that the storyline lacks a compelling inevitability. There are laughs to be had, but unlike Giselle or The Bull, the tragic wheel does not turn.

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian ★★★ Full Text

The problem with having one hit after another is the weight of expectation on everything you do… For all the vividness of its characters and setting, James Son of James lacks the dazzling creative spark of the earlier works.

Debra Craine, The Times ★★★ Full Text