Julius Caesar

The result is a curious amalgam of opera and ballet, both of which are excellently performed, though whether they fit together is another question.

William Hartston, Daily Express ★★★ Full Text

English National Opera’s troublesome new staging of Handel’s Julius Caesar is the work of Michael Keegan-Dolan, the Irish choreographer and founder of Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre with which this is a co-production.

Tim Ashley, The Guardian ★★ Full Text

If this tiresome production of Handel’s most popular opera is remembered at all in years to come, it will probably be as “the one with the giraffe”.

Paul Gent, The Daily Telegraph ★★ Full Text

Sadly, the flipside was a totally soul destroying production of ‘Julius Caesar’ directed by Michael Keegan-Dolan. As far as I am concerned, Keegan-Dolan should never be allowed to direct an opera again – his vision of this great Handel opera was facile, marring the great drama within the libretto and burying the fantastic music under meaningless and childish affectations. The so-called “House of Handel” did itself no favours with this production and I hope it is consigned to the back of the warehouse forever.

Anonymous, LietoFineLondon Full Text